Cakes have come a LONG WAY baby! I love both the unusual and the traditional styles of cake decorating! I love sculpting figures, sugar paste flowers, fondant art, sculpting cakes, tiering cakes, and continuing my education on new techniques that are popular!! Nothing is too quirky, too cute or too extravagant. I love challenges! I work with all mediums of pure delicious buttercream, royal icing, marshmallow fondant, gum paste and pastillage, and chocolate!


Now how can I be of service to you?!! What will your next special occasion be marked with? Mark it with a very memorable dessert!

​Welcome to Cottage Cakes & Confections! My name is Deborah Schmidt!


In 1981, at eighteen years of age, I took my first cake decorating class with my Mom. I was in college at the time, thus my first real opportunity to decorate a cake came several years later. My first decorated cake was for my oldest son's 2nd birthday (pictured below). Yes, I was pregnant with my second son and exhausted, but that Mickey Mouse Cake rocked! Not to long ago, I had the honor of making my oldest son's cake for his 30th birthday! I know, I don't get it either . . . I'm only 29! But nevertheless, by God's grace, my decorating talent has grown as much as my son. His 30th birthday cake featured his childhood favorite, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!















Many years (and family cakes) later, in 2010, I opened Tie Die 4 Bakery & Party Center on Main Street, Duluth, Georgia. We served gourmet donuts and brownies, gourmet cakes, pies, cheesecakes, and an extended delectable coffee menu. My passion was and is for helping people feel how special they truly are . . . and decorating cakes!  Given the name of the company, you can probably guess that we also did tie dye birthday parties! I had twelve employees and we had a blast! 

Joyfully, I moved to Shreveport, Louisiana in May, 2017 to be with my youngest son's family (future grandchildren and all)!

Thanks be to God that Louisiana has a Cottage Food Law, which enables me to continue my love for baking without having to be in a commercial brick and mortar location. Thus, the opening of Cottage Cakes & Confections!