Click HERE To Schedule A Private Cake Tasting

Bride's and grooms deserve a fabulous experience when it comes to all aspects of their wedding planning.

Cake tastings are no different. Say "YES TO THE CAKE"!

Cottage Cakes & Confections provides you with a memorable, fun, relaxing and taste bud delighting experience! You are welcome to settle at the dining table and experience a private tasting at my location. It will be a great photo opportunity for you both to add to your memories! We review your wedding cake desires and design your special cake on screen during our consultation! Cake tastings are scheduled every Monday and Tuesday, lunch time or early evening, you will receive a consultation form to complete before hand. The rest leave up to Cottage Cakes!

Private cake tastings are $55 for up to 4 persons and $10 for each additional person. Please limit your tasting to 6 persons.


The cake tasting fee of $55 will be applied to your contract (for orders greater than $500) if you choose to use

Cottage Cakes & Confections for your wedding day needs!